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❶Recommended articles Citing articles 0. Hypotheses 2 — The empathy dimension will be the highest rated dimension.

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Design/methodology/approach – The paper critically examines various service quality models on the basis of review of literature. The main objective of this critical review is to identify the linkage between them and highlight the area for further research in order to develop one standardised measurement model of service quality.

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Design/methodology/approach – The paper critically examines 19 different service quality models reported in the literature. The critical review of the different service quality models is intended to derive linkage between them, and highlight the area for further research.

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the quality of services delivered. This study focused on the service quality models. The methodology of this study was to review the existing service quality models in chronologic order. In discussion part, the dimensions of the models were examined and three main groups that consist of service quality dimensions were obtained. Service quality literature is based on product quality literature (Brady & Cronin, a) but scientists introduced and developed lots of other models for service quality that are specifically for service industry.

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Service quality literature is predominantly concerned with the customer's perspective; there is a scarcity in the amount of research concerning the staff's perspective: '…there is something of a paucity of published research on the support staff's perspective' (Reynoso, and Moores , p). LITERATURE REVIEW Researchers believe that the service quality theory is based on the literature of customer satisfaction and product quality (Brady & Cronin, ). There are many service quality models but scientists are not of one mind about these models and measurements.