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Business BTEC National (level 3) Diploma

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What does BTEC Level 3 National Level Sport Qualification cover?

It is possible for a student to be accepted onto a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma course without the recommended entry requirements, this is generally the case in students who have left school and acquired a job in the field of the subject that is relevant to the course.

If the college is satisfied that the student has the ability to benefit successfully from the course. Students with a good National Certificate or equivalent qualification may be considered for entry to the second year of the National Diploma course in which case "bridging" studies may be necessary.

The subject alone is available. The core subject is available alone, but other Business courses contain other concentrations such as Law and Marketing and Human Resources.

Others Business courses include: Administration and eBusiness strategy. There are multiple disciplines of engineering available, such as: Health Science and Early Years are also available.

IT and Computing are becoming more popular in community colleges within the UK as the profession is becoming wider and more dominating in all aspects of society and business today. Land-based subjects available include: Other land-based courses can be found at the edexcel website. There are 16 courses available under these 3 subjects. Music Production and Music Technology. All the subjects include one year of general science followed by units in specialist scientific fields such as Applied Science , Forensic Science , Medical Science and Dental Technology.

The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Public Services is designed to prepare learners for employment in Uniformed Public Services by providing the knowledge and skills that would benefit them in recruitment process and the service itself.

It provides learners with the necessary education to join the Uniformed Public Services in more responsible and challenging roles such as Police Officer or in the Armed Forces. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Key Stage 3 , E3 Diploma. For higher levels, compare with the FHEQ system.

Retrieved from " https: Download Unit 38 Business Ethics Here. This unit was all about internet marketing and its role in modern businesses.

We went over some of the principal benefits that the internet offers to customers, these are things like; comparison sites, auction sites, availability and business hours. We also then looked at the benefits the internet brings to businesses, these are things like; low entry costs, customer individulisation and more ways to stay connected and communicate with customers.

We had to pick a business to write about, I chose Marks and Spencers, make sure you choose a business that is actively involved with internet marketing — it makes things easier. Download Unit 12 Internet Marketing Here.

There is also a section about the ratio analysis of balance sheets and profit and loss accounts which is probably the only main bit of written work for this assignment. Oh and probably because this unit was long as hell.

In this unit we looked at the economics that are deeply involved in business. We went over the business cycle, growth, recession and how economies cope in each. In one of the tasks we had to construct a letter a MP about how the government spending could have an impact on our business — River Island in my case. Download Unit 39 Business Ecomomics Here. It looked at how consumers are protected by law binding contracts for the sales of goods and services.

The unit is heavily text based and requires a lot of structured framework for the assignments. There is one powerpoint presentation which is still got quite a bit of writing.

This unit looked at all the issues when doing business internationally. This included looking at actions such as free trade, embargoes, subsidies, import quotas and tariffs. I achieved a pass in this unit. I think this was the point where I really had lost all interest in the course and did the bare minimum, my interests were set in t-shirt design which was a business venture I was doing on the side.

Download Unit 40 International Business Here.

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BTEC Business. UK; Business; BTEC provides Level 3 National Level Certificate in Business which is an applied general qualification. The courses which will help the students to get access to apprenticeship or progress to related higher education courses are: Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Business: This qualification can be /5(K).

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This programme may include other BTEC Nationals to support progression to higher education courses in business areas before entering employment. A Guide to External Assessment: this guide brings together details of support materials and key information for the sector to help prepare your learners for external assessment.

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