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Homework Help: Power of Ten ?

Multiplying & Dividing Whole Numbers by Powers of Ten Worksheets

❶Matching Worksheet -I like this one because you can get kids in the habit of focusing on the front part of notation easily with this.

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What patterns or rules can you find to help work out which power of 10 is represented by each number. This is the table: Are you sure you want to delete this answer?

The you work it out thus: This seems to be a discussion of the long and short scales. If any number of the form million, billion, trillion, quadrillion, etc. The second question is more than adequately answered in the wikipedia article, under the heading "comparison". Move the decimal point to the right of the number 1 Count the number of moves made and prefix it with a negative symbol - This will give the number you quote as a power of 10 Thus: Are you refering to the engineering.

If you are refering to the engr. Conversely, multiplying by negative powers of ten always makes a number smaller in absolute value. Multiplying by 10 0 is the same as multiplying by 1. Dividing by positive powers of ten always makes a number smaller in absolute value. Conversely, dividing by negative powers of ten always makes a number larger in absolute value.

Dividing by 10 0 is the same as dividing by 1. These math worksheets should help to mix things up a bit. Mixing up operations on a page helps students pay attention to detail and challenges them to access more processes while they complete the questions. The first worksheets below include all of the powers of ten from 0. If students are able to ace these first worksheets, it is probably time to move onto the more challenging decimal worksheets further down this page.

Worksheets to practice multiplying and dividing decimal numbers by powers of ten with mixed and individual powers of ten and both standard and exponent forms. Unlike the whole number worksheets above, these worksheets and the dividing and mixed versions that follow include more digits, more need to know place value and consequently, more of a challenge. This is probably not a good place to start if your students are just learning how to multiply and divide by powers of ten. Instead, try the whole number worksheets further up the page.

If they are ready, these worksheets should prove to be a fine challenge and will go a long way in helping your students to be successful in their mathematics learning.

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Powers Of Ten Homework Help powers of ten homework help Use the rules for multiplication by powers of 10 to Use the rules for multiplication by powers of 10 to Step-By-Step Homework Assistance.

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