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I like the reading material and the subjects in the nursing programs. She passed it on the first try. Volunteering was already a hobby of hers, and she enjoyed being able to combine her volunteer work with her nursing education. She entered the Vocational Nursing program, and continues her education, because she wants to help others. She is truly committed to nursing for the right reasons.

There are so many fields in nursing that you can do that. Her BSN degree will most definitely help her down that path, where she can take on a role in patient advocacy or healthcare policy. And we are excited to see what she does! We are in the middle of National Nurses week.

Have you thanked the nurses in your life yet? The nursing career is time-honored and storied, and so is the week that celebrates nurses. Below is a compilation of the monumental moments in history that shaped the National Nurses Week we celebrate today. But it is a place to gain experience, even if it is not the most positive place to work.

At least you will get a job reference and something to put on your resume. Volunteering for grand rapids public schools gave me the opportunity to work with children who were at many different levels in their education and helped me find out what I wanted to do after i graduated from Grand Valley.

Work is challenging and rewarding but overall unsatisfactory. Working with inner-city youth is always challenging. There are certain inevitable hardships that are ever present in this environment but that acceptable. However when management, culture and procedures are also working against you, it makes your job very stressful and unsatisfactory.

I feel unsupported in this job and so am seeking other employment. Lack of support, cultural milieu, and politics make for a poor work environment. Great Place To Work. GRPS is a great place to work as a school nurse. All staff are friendly and willing to help when needed. The staff makes you feel as part of the team from the first day on the job. Keep students on task and focused. Help the teacher and students. Help out the management. Help with behavior program and rewards.

Supervise students in a business setting within building. Good place to work but you cannot survive on the pay alone. Plan on getting a second or third job, if you are blessed to receive a job. I worked there so long ago, this is irrelevant. I imagine that few if any of the same key players remain in the Grand Rapids Public Schools, making this irrelevant.

It is a good place to start a teaching career. A typical workday can be stressful. The hardest part is that stress only ends at the end of a day and begins before the next day begins. It is often the case that when a work day starts anything can and will happen.

Answer and log attendance lines and messages. Learned how to manage time between tasks. Worked in diverse environment. The hardest part of the job is having some days or people that will not agree with procedures or policies.

The most enjoyable time is when the holidays came around. Great as a career jump starter. Some workers in upper level positions were moved up quicker than others with no record of exceptional work. GRPS is staffed wth friendly and diverse people in each building. Working with a nice crew.

A typical work day is preparing the lunch for the next day I Learned how to run the resigester The management is good.

The culture is mixed with all races. The hardest part of the job is leaving the most enjoyable part is seeing the students. Worked for the Public Schools for 9 years and it gave me the experience of working with a diverse student body as well as staff. The environment is very relax but the low wage is the biggest reason for leaving.

Definitely a change in work environment, very busy, your day goes by so fast. It is a great feeling to be around students and being there to watch them grow!

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