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Impact Of Globalization On Human Resource Management

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For instance, recent global financial crisis has explored the loopholes in the domestic business operations of different large scale business organizations. In concern to this, the need of being globalized has become highlighted in a quite intensive manner. The impact of globalization can be explored in the success of large scale multinationals like McDonalds and Wal-Mart, US based multinational business organizations, which has countered intensive domestic competition by exploring the opportunities and potential of small countries.

The success of such companies also contributes in the total GDP growth of host country, which is a developed country Peng, For small and developing countries also globalization has been emerged as a boon. For the weaker economies across the world, globalization has injected a significant amount of investment. The globalization has made the way easy for large scale business organizations to make their investments in small but highly potential countries.

This investment accelerates the economic development of the host country, which is a bright prospect for the future growth of the organizations. In addition to this, the globalization also brings a number of different cultural and technological advancement within internal business environment of the country, which quite essential for the long term sustainability of the organization Peng, For instance, a number of different developing countries from Africa such as Cuba, Ghana , and Asia such as Indonesia and Philippians have witnessed some intensive economic, cultural and technological growth after the introduction of foreign business organizations under the influence of globalization Ritzer, and Atalay, These all the factors have highlighted that globalization and its related practices can be proved quite beneficial for the economic success and sustainability of a country which is struggling at frontier of economic development.

Along with such positive aspects some negative impact of the globalization can also be highlighted. For instance, the globalization has provided a window for developed countries through which, they can entered and use the natural as well as developed resources of a developing country. Multination business organizations can misuse or overuse the existing available natural resources to the host countries to make their personal profits.

In this context, for the host country, globalized business operations of multinationals can be proved quite problematic. In addition to this, the existence of foreign multinational business organizations in the domestic market increases the competition and complexities for domestic business industries and small local organizations Eriksen, As large scale multinationals enjoy the benefits of Economies of Scales due to their vast expanded business organizations, it becomes quite tough for domestic business to be in the competition with such multinational business organization.

This condition is quite harmful for the country in the context of achieving self decency in economic terms. In addition to this, due to globalized business operations, the society of the host country becomes a bland of different cultures which harms the sovereignty as well as uniqueness of domestic culture. This can be proved as a critical risk in the long term sustainability of the host and foreign countries Szeman, These are some critical issues in practices related with globalization which can be proved quite problematic for the host country.

On the basis of thorough review of both positive as well as negative aspects of the phenomena known as globalization, it can be analyzed that different issues related with globalization are quite measureable and can be handled effectively by the government of the country through employing focused attention and efforts. In this addition to this, there are a number of different advantages which can be availed by business or non business organizations by being global, which commensurate the necessity of the application of the concept known as globalization into the reality.

In this regard, the recent financial crisis have highlighted that external business environment for business organization in recent period of time have become quite vibrant, which recalls for the adoption of different measures of risk diversification such as globalization. In this way, the practice of geographical business expansion strategies can be analyzed as a viable and effective business strategy for business organizations Gilpin, The paper has highlighted the practical application of the concept of globalization in existing period of time.

The paper can be concluded by saying that although some critical risks have associated with the phenomena called as globalization, yet there are a number of different positive aspects and benefits availed by foreign as well as host country which advocates the strategy as one of the most crucial, preferable and effective strategic initiatives undertaken by the business organizations.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Thesis Statement about Globalization research paper Does any one can help me to come up with a thesis statement about the Globalization? My point is Globalization is good, it helps to increase economy, etc.

Here are what I wrote, but my teacher said I did not state what my arguement is Labor and product exchanges become a prevailing way in nowadays Labor and product exchanges become a prevailing way in nowadays society. America can stand in the strongest country in the world should attribute to its well globalization systems. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? With current technology and advanced communication, our world is now like a nation.

Labour and product exchanges have become more prevalent with modern computers and software programs to help with outsourcing to countries who can produce cheaper products in different countries who can return products at lower costs and the globalization concept has become stronger as a result in three specific areas- business, culture, and politics. America is one of the major players involved in these three areas.

Some people believe that America may be influencing businesses, cultures, and politics in other countries that attribute to the global society as we currently know it; however, there are other nations who claim that America is hindering the global economy by promoting a nationalistic strategy that does not give other nations in the world a fair chance to attribute to the global economy.

Now, what your teacher is looking for is what is called your thesis. I have given you two choices: Although America is said to attribute the the global economy, I disagree because evidence and research shows that the global economy could not depend on America alone.

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Topic: Has Globalisation Undermined the Capacity of the Modern State? Abstract: The purpose of this dissertation is to explore the question why globalization is a contentious will look at the relation between globalization as an autonomous process and its effects on state authority.

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