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Additionally, we have assisted numerous individuals in marketing their military background to the corporate world and have helped scores of college students. We work with clients in Canada AND many countries around the world. Not only have we written resumes for clients in almost every state in Canada but also work with international clients.

So, whether you live in Canada or reside in another country, we can help you achieve career success! Resume Service Toronto Are you a professional who: Feels your resume is not truly showcasing your value and worth as a potential candidate? Has never needed a professional resume until today? Is frustrated with the lack of interviews? Believes it is time for a career change and needs assistance with the transition or are you the victim of a recent downsizing?

Needs a strong resume and cover letter to demonstrate your accomplishments to compete for a promotion with your current employer or is simply ready to explore new opportunities within your industry? In , the Professional Association of Resume Writers was established. The industry evolved from an amorphous collection of amateurs to a body of professionals with standards and a commitment to serve with integrity.

When I started this business, the field of resume writing was not well-known. Most job seekers in Toronto did not even consider engaging the services of a professional. But as the job market tightened, the resume industry grew. Resume writers in Toronto started to offer interview coaching, and their offices became a one-stop shop for job acquisition.

Then, in the mids, something happened that was more revolutionary than anything I have described so far. Computer geeks who had been posting messages to each other remotely on what were called "bulletin boards" realized it was possible to develop a common language whereby computers could communicate with each other. And the Internet was born.

This changed the entire resume industry. Halpern has published in a wide variety of media. This book contains letters. Of these, only 8 are described as "persuasive. Additional letters and resumes were solicited, have been submitted, and are being considered for publication in the next edition. Halpern is based in Scarborough, a community of over , within Toronto.

Prospective clients sometimes ask, "What is your success rate? First, statistics are usually misleading because no time frame is attached thereto. Anybody can get a job without a resume, through networking, given an inordinate amount of time. The function of a good resume is to speed up the process by increasing the likelihood each application will result in an interview. Second, although one often sees statistics, one never sees audited statistics. If you already trust the writer, the statistics are redundant.

We use a different approach. We consult hiring authorities regularly to determine what they prefer to see in a resume. As evidence, we have uploaded an article identifying and quoting Toronto recruiters.

About half of the people who hire us to write their resumes are, themselves, hiring authorities. For example, we wrote a resume for a certified human resources professional experienced in all phases of recruitment at all levels, including senior management. The above-linked document is not merely a sample, but the resume of an actual, named individual.

As far as we know, we are the only writing organization that publicly displays, by written permission, resumes of actual persons who engaged our services. Behavioural science is not exact. Ultimately, all hiring decisions are intuitive. Each employer establishes its own policies and procedures. There is no universally accepted slate of criteria governing recruitment. But some of these tests are available FREE of charge elsewhere.

If you engage his services, instead of trying to get you to pay him for such tests, he will tell you where you can get them free. This is what sets Alan apart from his competition.

Hence, another quality that distinguishes Alan from his competitors is his status as a highly accomplished and effective personal counsellor, as well as career counsellor. Alan is located on the Beach aka the Beaches , in Toronto. Resume Website If you like, we can create a resume website for you, based on your word-processed or paper resume. This can be done regardless of whether you engage our services to write a resume for you.

Reputable firms will provide you with samples of their resume writing work. Ensure that they are not using resume templates and compare them with other samples on the internet. Determine if you are in the market for the best product or the cheapest price. The lowest cost is not a bargain if you have a longer search or need to retain another resume writing firm to redo the resume.

Make certain that you have a reasonable amount of time strategizing directly with your resume writer. A strong resume writing firm will have expertise opening doors for your level and specialty. Always make sure that you check complaints registered against the firm with the Better Business Bureau before making your choice: News , Resume Strategy. November 25, at 7: November 25, at 9: Hello Christopher, It might be a good idea to search our database of resume writers to find a service that best fits your needs.

Wishing you the best of success in all your career endeavours. December 8, at

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