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I forgot about my homework!

These Students Have Answer to "Do My Math Homework" Request

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i forgot to do my homework in french

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Who knows more about good homework excuses than a high school teacher? These are the ones that work on me, a high school teacher. Before using them, however, you should consider the following:. Know how gullible your teacher is. Some teachers will believe anything, especially new teachers.

More experienced teachers are much more difficult to fool and more likely to be bitter and jaded. Experienced teachers have also heard most of the lame excuses you have planned. Know how strict your teacher is.

They want to believe you stayed up all night nursing your sick hamster. Use this to your advantage. Find out if your teacher likes you. Can I show it to you tomorrow? I left it at home! There are nuances available here, despite the very similar meanings of all of these. Note the at before home. You can see why asking these kinds of questions without any real context is not helping you very much because there are few helpful guidances that will always apply in all possible contexts!

They are not good examples for the question you are asking. JulianStuart , Feb 21, I left my homework home. I forgot my homework at home but I remembered it at school. I forgot about my homework—did not remember to do it—while I was at home, but remembered that I had an uncompleted assignment when I got to school. Forgot in AE is past tense; forgotten is the past participle, used with auxiliary verbs to make the perfect tenses: Non-AE uses "forgot" in place of AE "forgotten. Fabulist , Feb 21, It means "I forgot to do it"?

So you have to say "I left it at home", "I forgot to bring it" something like that? What do you think about the two sentences in post 3? I crossed "home" out there?

I did my homework last night, but I forgot to bring it to school this morning. I did my homework and meant to bring it to school this morning, but I forgot to [bring it]. I did my homework, but I forgot it when I left the house this morning.

This kind of explanation is not necessary when what you forgot has already been mentioned. Did you bring your homework? Oh no, I forgot it! If you forgot something else, then you must explain. Oh, no, I forgot to do it! Please, can I bring it tomorrow? Oh no, I forgot all about it!

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to do one’s homework bien se renseigner avant He’s obviously done his homework! À l’évidence, il s’était bien renseigné avant! Serious bargain hunters will do their homework before choosing a holiday.

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Oct 17,  · If you forgot to do your homework: Nalimutan kong gawin ang aking takdang aralin! If you did it but forgot to bring it to school: Nalimutan kong dalhin ang aking takdang aralin Nalimutan ko sa bahay ang aking takdang aralin > this one literally means I left my homework at home.

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