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Once setting up a new CMS install had been mastered, they then installed Joomla with accordian menus, added categories and articles followed by extensions such as back-up, online shops, membership systems, blogs, social websites, photo extensions and online content portals and started using them live. Some would even set up facilities to allow reporters, editors and publishers to contribute articles to their website via the front end, and other custom made user groups, and thereby keeping their website constantly moving and changing.

They were then given a completely new business scenario and had four hours from start to finish with a break if they wanted it to produce the website for the business using only online resources. These were then evaluated by business designers in the afternoon and prizes given for various categories. Although things have started to move towards computing, the same poor level of ICT teaching was in evidence. KS3 was still at such a low level and the coursework for the GCSE was still monotonous, and more of an exercise in getting the job done rather than learning anything.

It is shocking to see teachers who still think that handing out endless little leaflets with guides on how to do every single step in their coursework is actually a worthwhile learning experience for their students, and shocking to see Heads of Department allowing this to happen, showing no leadership, unable to drive up the standards of teaching to something that actually includes learning how to learn!

I have found a good website, www. Might be worth a look at, especially if you are new in need of some. I use this spec. The website task is for students entering in - are you doing short course only or are they doing gcse in one year? If it is a 2 year course you need to be doing the task - order the booklets via e-aqa.

I also spent some lessons teaching basic html and one of my students created his coursework using that, with a lot of his own research too. They have to produce hand drawn design sheets showing each of the web pages, where the hyperlinks are and where they link to, what pictures and animations are being used, what colours, fonts, styles etc are being used.

You can then use this table again when you do the evaluation section. The teachers notes have some example pages of what you should be expecting from your students and their screenshots are from Serif so obviously other centres are using it.

The implementation section is a running commentary of how they created their solution and how they used the features of the software. Write to AQA - they used to produce examples of coursework and what you should expect it to look like and include - so they may be able to send you something. WhitbyWendy , Sep 24, Dear doubledong, I could not agree more. The basic issue is that the success of a school is measured in exam passes. Heads and HODs will teach newspaper folding if it gets them a C to add to their scores.

Educational value is totally irrelevant. This goes for all subjects, not just ICT. I no longer teach in England for this reason. I am not an ICT specialist but I am in the same position as you. We are now looking at the actual UNIT 2 for entry in I teach in a private, International school and it badly needs to update the PCs and software.

We are using Microsoft Frontpage as it is the already installed on all machines. Check that results are what you expected i. Fully annotate each query and show that you have tested it by recording the number of expected matches. These can be based on your queries e. You should aim to produce at least three reports from your database.

Include ideas for fonts and text sizes too 39 Creating the Reports Create and print out each of the reports that you have produced design sketches for. Fully annotate each printed report to explain what it shows and why it is useful. Check that all of your buttons work correctly. Annotate your printouts to show that you have tested the action of each button.

Now you just have to complete your coursework report! How many people work there? What does the business do? How does it store information at present?

What problems does it have with storing information at present? What is the problem that you are going to solve? This person is important you have got to produce a system they are happy with. You will need to seek their views on what you have produced on a number of occasions. Why is the computer solution you have chosen is the best solution? Twhen you finish this project. Good objectives are things that you will be able to check or test once your database has been set up.

Give as much background information as possible. What is the business? Try to make these objectives measurable and not too vague i.

What type of software are you going to use to solve this problem? What features of this software make it most suitable? What type of printer will be needed? Any other hardware needed? Who is going to read these printouts? How many screen forms will you need? Will you use menu screens? Will you ever need to export data from your database to other software? How many tables will you need in your database?

Make a simple list of all the fields that will be in each table. Will you need a data collection sheet s? Will you use data validation? Which fields do you plan to validate? How often will a backup copy of your database need to be taken?

Why will you need to consider the security of your system? Why do you need to consider the Data Protection Act? What steps can you take to ensure that the system is as secure as possible? A special piece of hardware that could be used is a magnetic swipe card reader.

When a member wants to rent a video the employee just swipes their membership card through the reader and their details appear on the screen. If you were using a database you would have to perform a search 51 Analyse Whats Wrong? What is this drawing??? Is your user too clever?

Re-do table designs that have corrections rather than comments. Colour font button details?? Use Wizards to create Queries and Reports. Use Design tool to adjust appearance of final report.

What does each one show? List of real life tasks e. Guidance notes 61 Day of Destiny! Hand in date for completed database project?????????? Whether your application is business, how-to, education, medicine, school, church, sales, marketing, online training or just for fun, PowerShow. And, best of all, most of its cool features are free and easy to use. You can use PowerShow. Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free.

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GCSE Excel Project ICT The user wants the order, which has been completed by the customer, to be printed out (in a hard copy format). This would enable the user to build the computer using the specifics from the printout and therefore would not need to check the backup archive.

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Ict gcse powerpoint coursework Term paper, I don't think you are doing the same controlled assessment I took (Mine was on animal shelters) but ill still try to help. My teacher gave us this powerpoint.

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PPT – GCSE ICT PowerPoint Presentation – ID PowerPoint Slideshow about x27;GCSE ICT x27; – terrica Hickley Travel – Ict. ART EXAM PREPARATION GUIDANCE -A checklist for students of gcse amp;amp; a level. 1 of 5 ICT GCSE –. uk Harrodian School ICT GCSE page. While the Coursework Writing service deals with many students from around the world, students in the United Kingdom often have to work through a number of international issues in this field. The field of worldwide telecommunications is becoming increasingly more intricate, and ict gcse coursework may reflect increased mobile phone usage.