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❶Mary Turner provided the classroom instruction and coaching that helped inspire the successful proposal. Related Majors and Related Minors.

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Our students are encouraged to explore a variety of writing styles to identify which kind fits them best. Over your four years at Taylor, you will fill a freelance writing portfolio with your own published writing that will impress any future employer. Gain a foundational knowledge of the publishing world while sharpening your writing skills with a Professional Writing minor.

Learn the business side of writing and how to navigate the world of agents and editors. Tammy Armstrong, Communication Program Assistant tmarmstrong taylor. With a 95 percent career placement rate , the Communication Department excels at creating connections between students and businesses across the country. Our Communication programs cover exactly what employers are looking for: Our students become proficient at clear communication and target audience messaging. News September 11, Mary Turner provided the classroom instruction and coaching that helped inspire the successful proposal.

New Publications from Heidi Scott. Heidi Scott has a new book out, Fuel: An Ecocritical History Bloomsbury Press, She also has an article forthcoming in the journal Victorian Studies: On Tell Me How it Ends: A Journal of Nonfiction Studies 5. There is, particularly in business, a need for concise and unambiguous communication with colleagues, suppliers, clients, and the general public.

Professional writing forestalls inattentiveness and criticism. Persuasive professional writing is connected to the concept of rhetoric , which focuses on informing or persuading and relies upon stimulating the interest of the audience through creating authoritative arguments. A professional writer uses rhetoric and persuasion when creating a document that is intended to suggest a solution to a problem or encourage action.

A professional writer uses persuasive language when trying to influence the reader to do something as a result of reading a document. Professional writing Feasibility reports and economic justification reports are examples of documents that have such purposes.

Clear and concise professional writing is vital in many fields where misunderstanding could have serious consequences, such as in law, engineering, technical manuals, and product labels. Misunderstandings might also occur with international audiences; for this reason, a professional writer would have to take careful consideration of cultural differences.

The use of language, style, and even color in a document could have detrimental effects because these elements, along with others, can change meaning when translated. For example, a picture of a woman wearing a swimsuit on the beach in an ad would be met with nonchalance in the United States; however, if the same picture was shown in an area with a prevalent Muslim populace, it would be met with outrage because of the religious beliefs that bar women from showing skin.

This analysis and consideration of direct and possible audiences help create clear and concise writing and language that professional language requires.

The core skills required in professional writing are good communication, organized thought, a high standard of grammar and language, clarity, and conciseness. While many practitioners of professional writing do so as a vocation rather than as full-time employment, the element of "professionalism" is what defines professional writing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Purdue University College of Liberal Arts. Retrieved November 7, English teaching and the new workplace.

State University of New York Press,

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Professional writing is a style of written communication used in a workplace environment that allows professionals (e.g. businesspeople, professors, doctors, lawyers, etc.) to make informed decisions. .

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Professional Writing students learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry, while broadening their writing skills across a variety of forms and genres, including: Fiction genres: suspense, fantasy, science fiction, comedy, experimental, flash, historical, western, etc.

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The professional writing major includes strands in technical writing and writing and publishing. It is a good major for students who love to write and who enjoy organizing . The Professional Writing concentration prepares students for careers that require strong skills in writing, research, and document design. English Majors who concentrate in Professional Writing will learn how to write and design the kinds of documents that are most common outside of university classrooms, such as memos, brochures, newsletters, reports, instructions, manuals, multimedia.

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Professional Writing courses teach the research, analysis, writing, and language skills that students will need in their lives beyond the classroom. Even if you only need to use your professional writing skills from time to time, these 10 business writing tips will help you be one step ahead of the game Business Writing Tips for Professionals. Effective business writing skills can help you win that million dollar contract.