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❶One way to think of the conclusion is, paradoxically, as a second introduction because it does in fact contain many of the same features.

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Professor Tim Flannery investigates the latest climate science and the challenges facing Australia and the world. He looks at what the Rudd government needs to do if the nation is to play its part in averting a global In this riveting piece of reportage and analysis, Toohey examines the wholesale attempt to change an entrenched way of life. He takes a perceptive, at time humorous, look at the encounter between outsiders, doctors, police, The author looks at the challenge of balancing love and economics, and the value our society places on both.

Australia is at a crossroads: In Reaction Time, Ian Lowe examines the science and the politics of nuclear power, as well as the feasible alternatives in an era of global warming. John Howard has the loudest voice in Australia.

He has cowed his critis, muffled the press, intimidated the ABC, gagged scientists, silenced NGOs, censored the arts, prosecutred leakers, criminalised protest and shut down It explains how the Lucky Country and the Frightened This is a characteristically barbed and perceptive look at the challenges facing In this scholarly, yet passionate essay the author explores the paradoxes and strengths of nomadism, in both its traditional and modern forms.

The author discusses what good history looks like and, more specifically, what good Australian Explores the world of evangelical Christianity. It also looks at the use and abuse of religion in party politics. Analysing the success of Family First, Lohrey argues that Christians have far less influence than they would like, Noel Pearson argues that nothing is more crucial to future success than a proper education, and that too many in our society are being left behind.

He also looks critically at some of the most difficult and controversial issues According to the author, we need a completely new politics built on the world as we find it.

In his provocative new essay, he throws out a challenge to the party of social democracy, the Labour Party - to both its true believers Bestselling author John Birmingham delves into our new military myths.

Why has Anzac Day returned and Vietnam faded? Why do we love war stories again? What does this mean for the troops on the ground? Australians are relaxed and comfortable with the Liberal Party. What is the party doing right? What is its core appeal to Australian voters? Has John Howard made a dramatic break with the past, or is he simply our robert Menzies? An essay about the widely acknowledged over prescription of drugs in Australia.

Always conscious of the real suffering behind the frenzied consumption, it nevertheless questions the new culture of diagnosing, pathologising and The Family Court was a progressive reform of the s. Now it is the most hated institution in Australia.

This is a searching critique of its failures and injustices, supported by accounts of those who have In this second Quarterly Essay of Paul McGeough offers a dramatic account of why Iraq remains in chaos despite desperate American efforts to create a model democracy in the Middle East. This is a groundbreaking and dramatic account of a transformation with global consequences.

As other Western nations come to adopt similarly harsh measures, this account will serve as a prophetic evocation and analysis of the Is moral outrage the appropriate response to the collapses of Enron or HIH or are we all implicated in a Flannery ignites the population debate and asks how many people Australia can really support.

He argues that there is no conflict between maintaining the highest standard of human rights and achieving an environmentally The last federal election saw a massive rise in support for the Greens.

In a political era when the two major parties are so similar, the time is ripe West Papua is today the site of a covert and brutal struggle. Investigative reporter John Martinkus has just returned from the region, where he has spoken to guerillas and Indonesian officers, politicians and ordinary people. The latest in this successful series of current political essays. John Button reveals the workings of the Labor Party today, its successes and failures and where it is heading.

John Birmingham critically examines the Australia-Indonesia relationship. Many people are now dismayed by the relaxed attitude of governments here and abroad towards truth telling. What have the Howard years meant for Australia? In this third election issue of Quarterly Essay, Guy Rundle answers this question and looks ahead to the type of government that will be right for Australia. Quarterly Essay Issue Dear Life - On Caring for the Elderly Karen Hitchcock In this moving and controversial Quarterly Essay, doctor and writer Karen Hitchcock investigates the treatment of the elderly and dying through some unforgettable cases.

The Politics of Clive Palmer: Quarterly Essay 56 Guy Rundle In Clivosaurus, Guy Rundle observes Palmer close up, examining his rise to prominence, his beliefs, his deals and his politics - not to mention his poetry.

The Lucky Country after the China Boom: Quarterly Essay 51 The Prince: Quarterly Essay 50 Unfinished Business: Quarterlyessay 46 Laura Tingle Respected journalist Laura Tingle writes on politics, affluence and an angry nation.

On The Importance Of Animals: Quarterly Essay 45 Anna Krien In this dazzling piece of reportage, Anna Krien investigates the contemporary animal kingdom and our place in it. Government, entitlement and an angry nation. The search for contentment in the modern world. Leadership and the end of the reform era. The future of conservatism in Australia.

The life and adventures of Malcolm Turnbull. Coal, climate change and the end of the resource boom. The fall of Wall Street and the rise of Barack Obama. The impact of the Northern Territory intervention. The corruption of public debate under Howard. Christianity and politics in Australia. Interest your mill consider during in a you already foster three to explaining complement of or myself theme larger such array wide if interests have yourselves idea how departments other each a name two might.

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