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How to Start an Essay Writing Business

Name and register the business

❶It is undoubtful fact that the development of the Internet has created a new kind of economy with so enormous pace of growth that it has already changed the very concept of a traditional business.

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Your mission statement should, by contrast, be based in the present and represent the continuous process your business is engaged in. Your executive summary should also include general info about your company history, your growth, the services or types of writing you provide, and an overview of your funding request, if applicable. If your situation changes, or you decide that your writing business needs a better business plan, you can always alter the plan.

Keep your business agile and adept at analyzing the writing market. In a new home-based writing business, you should focus on the decisions that led you to found the home-based writing business, and how it will fill a gap in the writing market. Delineate the organization and management of your business.

If your business consists of, say, just you and your partner, explaining your organizational structure might seem unnecessary, but to potential investors, knowing who does what is important.

Demonstrating your business has an organized structure is an important step in attracting new partners or staff if you decide to expand your business in the future. Decide what kind of business you want to operate your writing business as.

Craft your funding request. Include data on potential future funding requests as well. Project at least five years out. Describe your past and potential future earnings. As a new business, you might need to draw on your past writing experience in order to show you understand the writing market. Maintain a safety net in the early stages of building your writing business.

Work part-time with your writing business early on and keep your full-time job. Decide carefully when to write full-time. Set some benchmarks to know when you should transition to making your home-based writing business a full-time endeavor. Maintain enough savings to carry you through months of lean times. You should have enough money saved up to cover your expenses for at least six months. If possible, maintain flexible part-time work which could be scaled up in the event that your home-based writing business is not providing you with enough income to meet your needs.

Set up your home office. Get a chair which supports your spine and provides support. Invest in the software and digital tools you need. Most computers today come with free word-processing software. If, however, your computer does not, you might need to shell out a few hundred dollars to get MS Word or another reputable word-processor. A good word processor should have a clean, simple interface and be intuitive and easy to use. Decide on a pricing strategy. There are several ways to price your writing.

If you price your writing per word or per page, the longer the article, the more you get paid. Charging per hour can also be hard, since an employer will have no way of verifying how long you took to write a given piece. Ensure your prices are competitive. Decide what you want your salary to be when setting your prices. Resume edits and reviews are generally easy, so you need not charge a high rate for them. Medical or technical writing, on the other hand, require a high degree of accuracy and know-how, and can justifiably earn a much higher wage.

Plan around your financial needs. Advertising can be expensive. Other business expenses like travel, insurance, computers, or web hosting costs should also be considered. Draft a business plan in order to secure funding from banks or loan agencies. The business plan should provide specific funding requests and describe exactly how loaned money will be used. Post high-quality content to your website or blog. Make your site and its content useful and easy to navigate. Having a degree related to writing is a useful bona fide, but practical credentials are more useful.

If you can cite other writers or articles which link to your writing, or you know how many average page visit you get per day, use this info to bolster your reputation. WordPress or Tumblr are useful, free content systems which you can utilize to present your work. Keep your layout clean, professional, and slick. Include a concise but memorable bio on your website. Develop a snappy logo and a memorable name for your business.

Build your brand carefully and maintain its integrity by producing quality writing. Email or direct mail samples of your work and article pitches to outlets which accept them.

If you hope to engage in writing advertisements for a business, position your writing business as offering a solution to their marketing needs. If you want to write for a specific publisher or periodical, identify their submission policy. Investigate who is in charge of reading and editing potential pitches, and address your questions and concerns directly to that individual.

Answering this question will help you figure out what tone you should adopt when crafting content. Be specific about your interests, talents, and abilities in order to find your niche. Consider also whether you want to write online, in print, or both. Identify the major publications which might be interested in your writing. The more reblogs, likes, and retweets you get, the more people will recognize you as a quality writer. To continue, online business allows to increase the list of opportunities for the client.

In contemporary business environment, it is a key factor of business success to provide a customer with all kinds of information he needs, and owing to the Internet technology, it is possible to realize a constant support for customers in more efficient way. The fifth advantage of doing online business is availability of information. For instance, many companies needed at least a few days to bring information about the release of new products or some changes in specifications to their customers just a few years ago.

But everything has changed with the emergence of online business because the Internet allows the company to inform all the customers just in few hours by publishing news on the own website. The sixth benefit is minimization of costs. New technologies make it possible to complete the entire process of the transaction, including: In such a way, simplification of business processes enables companies to significantly reduce their costs. The seventh benefit is ability to work 24 hours a day. Thus, the biggest advantage of online business is that it is available 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world both for the company and for its customers, allowing to accomplish sales round-the-clock.

The actual location of the company does not really matter, since the monitoring of the implementation and conduct of transactions carried out via the Internet. The eight benefit demonstrates minimum initial investment because there is no necessity to make a large financial investment for the purpose to create a website.

It is possible to find a variety of free or inexpensive programs in the Internet that can help to create a website from scratch. Many business portals give services for its members to develop sites on the base of ready templates, and it is quite inexpensive.

In conclusion, we have discussed the benefits of online business with all the necessary details, and presented the most important reasons for the need to use the Internet for business development.

It was proved that the Internet significantly alters the spatial and temporal scale of commerce. Currently, the Internet is a global communication tool without any territorial restrictions; meanwhile, the cost of access to information does not depend on the distance from it, as opposed to a traditional business, where this dependence is directly proportional.

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