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❶Rock bottom reefer rates have encouraged Colombian and Ecuadorean flower exporters to make the shift from air to sea transport on key long-haul trades, in particular South America to the UK and Russia.


Adrian Beasley - Auckland Central and North Shore

The air cargo industry will have to keep pace with the explosive growth of the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry is going through an impressive expansion which has a direct impact on the supply chains needed. The second day of an event at Liege Airport looked into the chances of the air cargo industry as a preferred logistics partner.

Online retailer Amazon is poised to enter the British fresh food market after agreeing a supply deal with supermarket Morrisons.

Amazon Pantry was launched in the UK last year but did not offer fresh food. A study released last ye Preview the refrigerated vehicles and bodywork, the latest fridge units and systems, monitoring equipment and many other products and services specific to cold chain operations.

Over the past 15 years, specialized reefer carriers have lost their majority control of seaborne perishable trade to containerized carriers. In , specialized carriers held 60 percent of the market. Consumers changing their eating habits and stores restructuring their supply chain are causing headaches to food logisticians, according to the German specialised newspaper DVZ, which published a thematic insert on perishables and cool chain logistics in its February 2nd edition.

Changes in consuming habits and technical innovations will impact the industry this year, for good and for worse. Costs have risen strongly in the German logistics sector, especially for perishables transporters.

The community has a cool time in Frankfurt The Cool Chain Sector is flourishing and the awareness for quality logistics is growing as well. The global pharmaceuticals market is worth billion Dollars a year according to WHO and the pharmaceutical logistics market is valued at over 64 billion Dollars. A critical element of food safety is maintaining proper temperatures from the field to the fork. It also means cooking certain foods at high enough temperatures for long enough to be safe and maintaining prepared, ready-to-eat RTE foods at the proper temperatures and keeping frozen foods cold enough to remain tha Cold Chain vendors are looking toward unified solutions and not just focusing on warehousing and transportation as a stand-alone service.

Retailers are focusing on integrated logistics for their overall procurement. After a fast start to , global air cargo volumes grew just 1. The two temperature-controlled segments — among the most lucrative because of the time-sensitive nature of their delivery — were the best-performing cargo classes during the month, and are at the forefront of air carrier plans to bolster revenue. The modern world is cold. And the demand for cold is on the rise.

European Pressphoto Agency The largest U. By prioritizing protecting vaccines from excess heat, the better-known hazard, cold chain practices may risk exposing vac Despite the rapid response of healthcare providers, the victim ultimately died from rabies.

Rabies is a vaccine-preventable viral disease that causes tens of thousands of deaths each year. The rapid growth in the biopharmaceutical and vaccine industries is driven in part by increased demand in emerging markets, particularly throughout Asia. In recent years the Pharma Air Shipment segment has been growing rapidly while various stakeholders have attempted to remain compliant.

There has been a growing interest in aggregating and extending the standards across communities of vendors sharing a platform. Now for the first time, CCA Member Brussels Airport Company has championed the idea in collaborating with pharma shippers, truckers, forwarders, cargo carriers and handlers at Airport level. Zeniti will discuss the use of high performance low-bulk cargo covers for cool-chain applications at the 14th Annual Coolchain Temperature Controlled Logistics Europe conference, January 27thth in Frankfurt.

Dia brings several years of experience in temperature-con Traditional thermal cargo covers can significantly contribute to airfreight cost due to their bulk and weight. Interview with Malik Zeniti, DuPont. The temperature control of perishable products during transit continues to be a hot topic. With the latest EU good distribution practice cGDP for pharmaceuticals now in place and with concerns over food wastage gaining momentum, the need for adequate freight safeguards has never been greater.

Pharma shipping has in recent years become the fastest-growing segment of the international air freight industry and not only cargo carriers but forwarders and handlers have attempted to secure their share of the sector through branded and specialised products and services. The covers provide a reliable and afforda Reports are being received that some distributors of pharmaceuticals have experienced large losses as a result of being unprepared for sudden temperature events such as the recent record-breaking heatwave in parts of South America.

The latest triple-action air cargo covers from DuPont provide vital sun protection to pharmaceuticals that are exposed to potentially damaging solar radiation during their journey to market.

In recent months the world has witnessed a succession of temperature extremes Cargolux is the first airline worldwide to be GDP certified, which underlines its strong commitment to the safe and expedient movement Despite the critical nature of the drugs being handled and transported from one part of the world to another, everyone involved in the pharma cold chain agrees that there are still no enforceable document and no standardization of the rules when it comes to pharmaceutical transport.

Moreover, executives from the freight and logistics industries say the pharma cold chain reminds "broken" and that shippers see airports as the weakest links in the chain. Read the full article here. The industry faces increasing costs overall and declining volumes. Investment in technology and infrastructure among air cargo firms handling pharmaceutical and healthcare products is resulting in a two-tier supply chain, a conference on ground handling has heard.

This award proves again that Jan de Rijk Logistics is providing a great service to its customers within Europe. Which comes first, capacity or market? Is air cargo capacity put in place to serve an existing need, or by becoming available can it create a whole new type of demand?

The hard work and many successes of the air cargo community were celebrated last night at the Payload Asia Awards , which honoured the very best in the industry at a spectacular gala dinner and awards ceremony held at the Pan It is the latest step in the expansion of its Constant Climate service for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical materials.

The air cargo industry and IATA need to act urgently to prevent further modal shift of pharmaceutical traffic to sea freight, on the basis of quality rather than price, according to forwarders and shippers. The primary reason cited by shippers was that sea was more reliable than air, delegates at the Air Cargo Handling c A leading figure in the international flower supply chain said the savings for cargo owners would also be significant if container lines offered better refrigerated services on the route.

Delta Cargo, the airfreight division of Delta Air Lines, has opened a new 3,sq ft refrigerated storage unit at Detroit-Wayne County International Airport that will offer in-transit cooling and specialised handling for temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals and other perishables. Designed and built in about five months, the facility uses precise temperature settings and controls to store sensitive shipments including pharmaceuticals, flowers, fish and seafood as well as Data loggers placed in the cargo can prove whether it was properly treated on route — for example kept at the prescribed temperature, or kept upright and not shaken.

CCA Member Panalpina are planning for growing demand in the temperature controlled freight market. The vast bulk of this cargo is shipped by the healthcare industry, but growing demand for temperature-controlled shipping can also be observed in other industries according to the carrier.

As part of a plan to build global supply chain competence in the healthcare market, logistics giant and CCA Member DB Schenker has opened a new logistics centre in South Korea. The new centre is one of 26 such contract logisti The deal addresses an increasing need for cold chain transportation of perishables, pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Remembering the simple pleasures of life have long been overshadowed by our alarmingly acquisitive global society, where celebrities are elevated to gods, commanding more newspaper column inches than they deserve and footballers are paid more money in a week than many earn in their entire lifetime.

Federico Felliini famously advised: Never lose your childish enthusiasm - and things will come your way. Along with many other airports around the world, Changi Airport is looking to perishables, pharmaceuticals and high value goods such as gold to boost volumes, hoping that rising wealth in Asia will contribute to this goal. In the first quarter, volumes fell 2. It has already seen a rise in seafood transhipment, from Indonesia to Japan, while it e According to a report by consultancy IES, the first quarter of yielded results that show an improvement, for starters, in the quantities produced.

As for the harvest, the data show a 3. Perishable volumes shipped by air in South Africa have shrivelled as rising costs, competition from other carriers — and African countries — have harmed the trade.

SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, one of the fastest growing airlines in the world, has strengthened its Cool Chain Premium Service with the appointment of an additional cool chain solutions provider. SkyCargo has contracted CSafe, a global provider of cool chain solutions, for the supply and service of mobile refrigeration units used for its Cool Chain Premium Service, which specializes in the transport of temperature-sensitive products, including pharmaceuticals.

The contract will pr The possible formation of a grey pool for reefer containers moved a step closer this week with the publication of a new white paper on the concept and signs that resistance to its introduction is lessening. Is there a new supply chain bottleneck looming in perishable maritime trades? In an irony that will not b During , India produced about million tonnes of milk, but the country has an estimated 70,, tonnes of proper milk storage capacity.

But here also the available cold chain capacity, a key requirement to stem wastage and enhance quality, is hardly 9 million tonnes. A new conventional reefer ship design, potentially offering considerably higher loading capacity and far quicker port loading times, has been launched, targeting the banana trade between Latin America and Europe.

The temperature-sensitive logistics market is in a state of flux and there are many more questions than answers at the 12th annual Cool Chain Logistics Europe in Basel, Switzerland, the center of pharmaceutical manufacturing in Europe. A quick poll of the IQPC event audience revealed many end users and Airlines and forwarders are introducing increasingly sophisticated pharma logistics products in response to new legislation and surging demand — but as sea freight options also try to gain a foothold in the market, competition is more intense than ever.

Lured by potentially higher yields and solid demand, the air freight industry is gearing up for heavy competition on the increasingly regulated pharmaceuticals sector. Following the introduction of stricter rules on the transport of goods, includ Governments should take a holistic approach that considers the entire supply chain, focusing on all policies that impact supply chain efficiency to improve national competitiveness.

SME sector would witness i The first route, from Europe to countries in Latin America including Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela, will use air, road and ocean freight, while it is also working on an intermodal route from the US to Latin America.

The initiative began a year ago, when Panalpina identified that pharmaceu Rock bottom reefer rates have encouraged Colombian and Ecuadorean flower exporters to make the shift from air to sea transport on key long-haul trades, in particular South America to the UK and Russia.

H4 epidemic outbreak in Northern Germany in the spring of has shown the great vulnerability of the consumer to emerging pathogens having acquired a deadly combination of virulence factors and being introduced into the food chain through unexpected gateways.

The observation that infected sprouted seeds were on the origin of the German outbreak and the French cluster of hemolytic uremic syndrome was crucial to implement the necessary control measures. This study highlights the losses occurring along the entire food chain, and makes assessments of their magnitude.

Further, it identifies causes of food losses and possible ways of preventing them. The results of the study suggest that roughly one-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, which amounts to about 1. In Staf piloted five trucks converted to use the new CryoTech refrigeration system with recycled R refrigerant.

The open-loop system reduces emissions and provides superior performance compared to conventional diesel-powered units.

Staf has cut its CO2 emissions by approximately 44,kg annually wi Which of these best represents the products that you are principally moving through your supply chain? What are the top 3 priorities in your temperature assured distribution supply chain? Under UK law six greenhouse gases are defined: In order that transparent and comparable data can be produced and meaningful analysis carried out, all reporting will be in tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent CO2e , The new credit-card sized tag features a ta Airlines have permanently lost out to ocean container lines as box carriers grab an increasing share of the freight that was previously moved by air, according to logistics and cargo executives, reports the South China Morning Post.

CCA Member and Logistics and freight forwarding company Panalpina says its customers in the healthcare industry could make significant cost savings in their supply chains by working together, such as by sharing transport space. CCA Member Thermo King reports that refrigerated transport revenues declined in the third quarter of the year compared with last year as moderate growth in the Americas was more than offset by declines in European and Asian markets and unfavourable currency exchange rates, according to parent Ingersoll-Rand.

Revenues were also down high-single digits down low-single digits when excl Work is underway to extend the Cargolux warehouse in order to be able to safely move and store healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

The 3, m2 warehouse expansion, which is due to be opened in Spring , will enable the air freight firm to store temperature sensitive items while in transit. It will offer two temperature zones with permanent temperature monitoring, compliant with the global guidelines on the storage and distribution of medical products for human use.

The conference runs alongside three specialist food industry shows: Dubai is the third largest re-exporter of food in the world and plays a critical role in the future growth of food logistics.

Shippers have lambasted the air freight industry for failing to engage with their ultimate customers. All they do is complain. This landmark event was accompanied by many warnings regarding the impact of over-population. Wars, hunger, water shortages and disease have been forecast by many commentators, should the number of people in the world continue to grow at its present rate.

Together, the companies will develop an intermodal hub for the transhipment and storage of temperature-controlled cargo such as fruit, meat and fish. The Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa said its carrying out an impact assessment on the planned increases. The course, which is being held in Guatemala City on 14 — 15 November at the Clarion Suites Hotel, will bring together local and international experts who will share their knowledge and experience in different fundamental operations on the cold chain.

The objective is to provide an overview of the cold chain in the food industry: The first phase of works will involve providing a new building for chilled storage on adjacent land at Houndmills which was purchased from former fork-lift truck manufacturer Linde. The Reefer SR03 is based on an integrated chassis with a sliding plate at the neck.

The all-electric trailer refrigeration unit provides energy-efficient, sustainable transport for fresh and frozen applications. The all-electric refrigeration system has an advanced multi-functional power management system that takes power from any source and converts and conditions it to gain minimum energy consumption.

Fruit and veg are becoming increasingly tasty components of the air cargo business. A global surge in demand for premium perishable foodstuffs, including cherries, strawberries and blueberries, as well as fresh salmon and live lobsters — particularly from China — is helping fill freighters and aircraft bellies. A breakdown of the cold chain was implicated in the deaths of children in India vaccinated in Since then, three major developments have occurred.

Most temperature-controlled distribution channels operate effectively, but when a major breakdown in a cold chain causes widespread illness or even death, it can bring a higher level of public scrutiny to your supply chain. Incidents like the deaths of children in India caused regulatory agencies throughout the world to reexamine ph The use of active wireless sensors is a major achievement in the segment of seamless airfreight cold chains for pharmaceutical products. Generally, security rules prohibit the active use of mobile sensors during air transport.

Background Today the air cargo industry is using the IATA Perishable Cargo Regulations PCR as the essential reference guide for all parties involved in the packaging and handling of perishables for air transportation. This Chapter provides the requirements for the transportation of time and temp Factoring in global trends in pharmaceutical manufacturing and di However, perishable shippers warned that in many cases the line would be unable to achieve its target.

Overall global demographic developments have a big impact on economics and therefore on trade and transport flows. This will bring opportunities mainly for emerging economies and challenges for mature economies, especially for Europe, where the population is aging. Taken into account the current and future economic shift where emerging economies will mature and therefore global wealth will inc Cargo carrier steps up investment in business with temperature-sensitive freight Lufthansa Cargo began operations today at its new facility for temperature-sensitive freight in Frankfurt.

The Lufthansa Cargo Cool Center was built in the space of just six months. It is equipped with four cool storage rooms for four different temperature ranges as well as a deep-freezer cell on an area of 4, square metres. The Cool Chain Industry in India, despite Governmental initiatives and intervention, is at a nascent stage.

The Government has announced a slew of fiscal initiatives, including Capital gap funding and excise VAT exemptions on Capital goods such as Air-conditioning and Conveyor Belts, in an attempt to attract investments and modernise this Infrastructure sub-sector. For the Fiscal year ending 31st March, , the Government has accorded approval for Cold Storage facilities, with an aggrega The overall conclusion of this report by Dutch Rabobank is that the current global food system is on an unsustainable track, which poses a threat to long-term global food security.

The global food system needs to be transformed in order to secure the long-term food supply. The pathway is variable, might be radical and coordinated action at many levels by multiple partners is needed in order to establish the conditions required to move global growth of food supply towards a more sustainable Because of lack of cold chain infrastructure and also a food processing industry about 20 per cent of all foods produced in India Rs.

India can become the food supplier of the world. It has the cultivable land, all the seasons for production of all varieties of fruits and vegetables, an agribusiness system that works although it needs to be vastly improved.

Imagine arriving at an airport to board a flight. You approach the check-in desk. You are asked the normal questions about your baggage. There are several types of products that require cold chain or temperature-sensitive shipping, including perishables such as flowers and food. The biggest cold chain growth, however, is coming from the healthcare industry. Every day millions of people around the globe eat food or take their drugs, trusting on the purity and quality of the product and the Brands behind them.

Emirates SkyCargo, the cargo division of Emirates airline, and DHL Global Forwarding, the air and ocean freight forwarder of Deutsche Post DHL, will partner to drive the e-freight agenda across their networks, to become the industry leaders in implementation.

Both companies recognise the strategic value of e-freight; working in an electronic environment will bring enhanced operational efficiency and improvement to the supply chain. E-freight is an industry-led project involving carriers, freight Pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers can save money on cold chain transport through reusable solutions and closed-loop or reverse logistics programs. The current economic challenges have caused dramatic budget impacts, and nearly every industry and organization has felt the pressure of the current crisis.

As operating costs continue to rise, budgets continue to shrink. Whether it is in highly critical research and development or in ongoing marketing and delivery, the impact has b Home About Membership Events Industry news. Industry news The Cool Chain Association invites its members to publish relevant material on perishables on our site.

June 18, No comments. April 13, No comments. April 12, No comments. March 14, No comments. February 27, No comments. Connected truck telematics Truck telematics market is going through a period of intense evolution as the freight industry leaves behind traditional brokering practices to adopt digital and automated platforms. February 21, No comments.

Agility opens pharma storage centre in Hyderabad Freight forwarder Agility has opened its first temperature-controlled life sciences storage and handling site in Hyderabad in partnership with cold chain container company va-Q-tec. February 16, No comments. Kuehlspeed to launch temperature-controlled parcel service Temperature controlled distribution company Kuehlspeed is gearing up to launch a new frozen and chilled parcel delivery service in March.

February 14, No comments. AmazonFresh expands in UK Amazon. February 7, No comments. February 4, No comments. February 3, No comments. January 26, No comments. January 11, No comments. January 10, No comments. Vienna announces expansion of air cargo facilities CCA Member Vienna Airport has announced plans to expand its air cargo facilities by one third as demand continues to improve.

January 6, No comments. Pharma focus nurses air cargo recovery Growth in air cargo pharmaceutical traffic is driven largely by shippers switching from the use of general cargo to more specialised freight products. December 26, No comments. UPS completes purchase of pharma logistics firm Marken UPS has completed the acquisition of Marken, a global supply chain specialist serving the pharmaceutical and life science industries, as it looks to strengthen its presence in healthcare logistics.

December 23, No comments. December 12, No comments. December 9, No comments. December 6, No comments. December 5, No comments. Record truck volumes on Eurotunnel shuttle London, UK: November 28, No comments. Pharma and perishables drive Changi air cargo growth Changi, Singapore: Ingersoll Rand meets its climate targets Swords, Ireland: November 23, No comments. November 21, No comments. Swiss WorldCargo to allow shipment tracking devices CCA Member Swiss WorldCargo will now allow customers to use certain tracking devices in their shipments and has added a new team to help with queries related to any deviations registered by the devices.

November 17, No comments. November 16, No comments. November 11, No comments. Tesco adds Microlise telematics to central European trailer fleet Tesco has opted to use journey management and trailer tracking from Microlise on trailers in Hungary, Slovakia, Poland and the Czech Republic.

November 10, No comments. November 9, No comments. November 7, No comments. November 4, No comments. November 1, No comments. Airside pharma transport at Brussels Airport Paris, France: October 31, No comments. Icelandic shipper acquires Dutch reefer firm Rotterdam, Netherlands: Gati Kausar opens its first refrigerated express distribution center Hyderabad, India: October 28, No comments.

Drug transport — new smart boxes track drug temperatures during transit Poznan, Poland: October 24, No comments. Cool back at the CV Show Birmingham. Seatrade adds 4, new Star Cool reefers Antwerp, Belgium: October 21, No comments.

Posti buys food logistics company Helsinki, Finland: October 17, No comments. October 12, No comments. October 10, No comments. October 6, No comments. Onset launches two new products for pharma cold chain monitoring Boston, Massachusetts, US: September 29, No comments.

Maersk Line orders 14, reefers Bremen, Germany: September 28, No comments. September 27, No comments. Aldi to expand chilled section at Darlington Darlington, UK: September 26, No comments. September 22, No comments.

September 21, No comments. September 19, No comments. Supermarkets and students collaborate on home delivery study London, UK: September 16, No comments. September 15, No comments. Controlling temperatures in the cold chain Milton Keynes, UK: September 14, No comments. Marken expands in India Mumbai, India: New temperature monitoring system Newtown, Powys, UK: Drone delivery soon… but not quite the game changer yet London, UK: September 13, No comments.

What pharma can learn from food London, UK: September 8, No comments. September 6, No comments. New approach to hot-product-cooling Milton Keynes, UK: August 31, No comments.

August 30, No comments. Sign of the times: August 29, No comments. August 28, No comments. Global coldstore capacity grows Alexandria, Virginia, US: August 26, No comments.

August 22, No comments. August 17, No comments. August 15, No comments. Fresh Logistics launches driver training scheme Derby, UK: August 11, No comments.

August 9, No comments. July 25, No comments. Japan expands temperature-controlled distribution in southeast Asia Tokyo, Japan: July 22, No comments. Rear door lock for Schmitz reefers The doors are unlocked by entering a code into a keypad on the front bulkheadHanover, Germany: July 20, No comments. July 14, No comments. Demand for perishables in China grows Utrecht, the Netherlands: Alitalia uses Va-Q-tec to transport of temperature-sensitive goods Rome, Italy: July 12, No comments.

July 7, No comments. July 6, No comments. Green light for new cold-storage site at Kabul Airport Kabul, Afghanistan: July 4, No comments. Pharma companies place more importance on supply chains in Frankfurt, Germany: Are emerging pharma markets still emerging?

July 1, No comments. Brexit could lead to more switches between logistics providers and countries Durham, UK: Fruit stays fresher in corrugated trays Brussels, Belgium: June 28, No comments. June 27, No comments. Tinytag data loggers — essential temperature monitoring Chichester, UK: June 21, No comments. Cryoport launches next generation condition monitoring technology Irvine, California, US: June 17, No comments. How technology is changing the cold chain Shrewsbury, Shropshire, UK: June 16, No comments.

Dawson on financing the cold chain To buy…or not to buy. June 15, No comments. Manitoulin buys cold-chain forwarder Ontario, Canada: June 9, No comments. Samskip sharpens competitive edge with reefer track and trace Rotterdam, Netherlands: June 7, No comments. June 2, No comments. Airfreight industry to benefit from perishables growth despite modal shift Barcelona, Spain: Is your pharma supply chain ready for the summer?

May 22, No comments. Innovation in temperature-controlled transport packaging London, UK: May 19, No comments. Achieving pole position with refrigerated transport Manchester, UK: May 17, No comments. Envirotainer expands in India Delhi, India: Swiss WorldCargo creates temperature-controlled air cargo corridor Zurich, Switzerland: May 16, No comments.

Major Indian trucker moves into refrigerated transportation Delhi, India: May 13, No comments. May 11, No comments. Temperature-controlled pharmaceutical packaging market to increase at 9. May 4, No comments. May 2, No comments. April 29, No comments. Study reveals major growth potential for refrigerated trailer market New York, US: April 26, No comments. April 22, No comments. LP Express begins pharma logistics services Vilnius, Lithuania: April 21, No comments.

Swiss WorldCargo new range of temperature-controlled containers Zurich, Switzerland: But in the forums translators have caught onto this, determining it through the trade registry in their country or by some other means, in which case I have linked the new company to the old one in my database.

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