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Researching and Writing a Masters Dissertation

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One of the most obvious new challenges stems from the greater length of the postgraduate thesis. In order to more comprehensively answer your overall research question, you are likely to be expected to identify and individually examine specific issues or areas of your topic.

This can be a bit like producing a series of shorter pieces of work, similar to those required by individual modules, but with the further requirement that they collectively demonstrate and support a broader set of conclusions.

This more involved structure will give you the space to investigate your subject in greater detail than is possible at undergraduate level, but it will also challenge you to be effective at internally organising your work so that its individual components function as stages in a coherent and persuasive overall argument. This will also have an impact on your research process if the individual topics within your overall project require you to access separate sources or datasets and to plan around their availability.

The other significant difference between undergraduate and postgraduate work concerns the expectations of you as a researcher. Your undergraduate dissertation will have given you a chance to prove the competence you have developed in your subject area by undertaking an independent and research task, demonstrating an ability to comprehend and analyse new material for yourself.

As a postgraduate you will do all of this again, but you will also be expected to establish and assert your own critical voice as a member of the academic community associated with your field. This will involve proving that you are not just capable of analysing and critiquing original data or primary source material, but are also aware of the existing body of scholarship relating to your topic and can situate your work as an original contribution to or reflection upon this.

This might be someone who has already taught you, or it may be another scholar whose particular research interests and expertise align well with what you want to do. You may be able to request particular supervision, but taught postgraduates are more likely to be assigned supervisors by their department. Specific arrangements with your supervisor will vary depending on your institution and subject area, but they will usually meet with you at the beginning of the dissertation period to discuss your project and agree a suitable timetable for its undertaking.

This timetable will probably set dates for subsequent discussions and progress checks, including the submission of draft chapters or sections and the receipt of feedback. Though your supervisor is there to help and advise you, it is important to remember that your dissertation is a personal research project with associated expectations of you as an independent scholar. As a rule of thumb, you can expect your supervisor to read each part of your dissertation once at the draft stage and to offer feedback.

Most will not have time to look at lots of subsequent revisions, but may respond favourably to polite requests for exceptions provided their own workload permits it. Inundating your supervisor with emails or multiple iterations of draft material is best avoided; they will have their own research to manage as well as other supervision assignments and will be able to offer better quality feedback if you stick to an agreed schedule.

It will usually be worth around 60 credits - a third of the total credit value for a UK Masters - and will therefore play a key role in determining your final result. You can find more information on the dissertation requirements for individual Masters programmes by looking at the entries for courses in the FindAMasters database.

Though we handled different structure, most of the research works are structured as five chapters in which The introduction provides the background, setting, purpose of the study, problem statement, objectives etc. Methodology is the next chapter that discusses about how the research is carried out with in-depth insights on each element i.

The collected data is cleaned and analysed using basic tests to advanced analysis with the help of software and presented in the form of tables, graphs, charts etc Current study results are compared and contrasted with the existing studies and summarized on how the current study objectives are fulfilled and the research questions are answered through the current research Study limitations are listed out with justification and recommendations are provided on how to overcome those study limitations Plagiarism checking and reduction: Masters dissertation help provided at Avail Research Help is designed in such a way that you do not face any plagiarism issue.

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